81% of a brand’s buyers are more likely to repurchase from that brand if they had a positive warranty experience with it.


of companies believe they have limited visibility into their supply chain. This affects day-to-day decision-making and delivery anticipation.


In France, in 59% of return cases, the products arrived with defects or damage. Knowing the chain of responsibility saves time in managing disputes.

Product Digitalization

Product digitalization is a service that allows you to communicate about your products with your customers and build loyalty. A simple QR code placed on the product will enable you to share a wealth of information with your customer, such as:

  • Nutritional information
  • Product description
  • Origin
  • Environmental impact
  • Composition

Through this page, the client can enjoy promotions, access the brand’s social networks, view the latest products, and more. It’s a fully customizable section according to your communication strategy.

Track your deliveries

Adding OLORIN to your supply chain allows you to track your product deliveries in real-time, as well as the deliveries of your equipment. This enables you to plan your schedules easily and identify issues related to your supply chain.

In the case of damaged products in the supply chain, OLORIN allows you to effectively determine where the responsibility for the damage lies, facilitating the handling of returns and optimizing your future deliveries.

Digitalization of purchase proofs

OLORIN BILLS allows your customers to receive their purchase proofs in the form of tamper-proof and timestamped certificates stored on an unhackable support.

OLORIN BILLS is a nearly invisible solution for the customer, who won’t see any difference compared to a traditional invoice.

The benefits of this innovative data management system are numerous :
– The customer has all their purchase proofs and can easily retrieve them.
– Time savings in after-sales service, as the individual product record can be referenced after each intervention.
– No data loss is possible, unlike conventional database storage.