Wine &

1.3 Billion Euros

That’s the sum representing the market for counterfeit wine and spirits

23 000 jobs

related to the wines and spirits market are lost annually du to counterfeiting

136 Million Euros

That’s the amount french players in the wine industry loose each year due to counterfeiting


European legislation is evolving and now requires the display of the nutritional value and composition on wine bottles.

We have developed a unique product to offer wineries a turnkey solution.

VitiCode is a service that provides customers with all the ingredients and nutritional data of a wine bottle through a simple scan.

The VitiCode page is fully customizable at any time and offers loyalty tools. This page allows for the implementation of promotional offers, the addition of links to social networks, or even redirection to the winery’s shop.


OLORIN Protect allows you to protect all bottles with a unique and highly secure authentication system. This service provides the opportunity to have an individual page for each of your vintages on our site, obtaining a unique and different QR Code for each bottle to certify them and assure customers that they are indeed genuine.

The process is easy to use for consumers. After scanning the QR Code, they will be redirected to a page indicating the authenticity of the product. This page is fully customizable and can be used for marketing and loyalty initiatives.

Supply Chain Tracking

With OLORIN, you benefit from precise product tracking throughout the entire supply chain.

A blockchain certificate is transmitted between each intermediary in the supply chain through an intuitive and user-friendly web application. Each third party in possession of the certificate is responsible for the product and passes the responsibility to the next intermediary until the end of the supply chain.

The blockchain certificate’s transfers during the product’s journey allows for its location and determines who is in charge at any given moment. OLORIN is the most effective supply chain tracking solution on the market.