Supply Chain

Quality of Master Datas

In 2023, 47% of major companies in the supply chain do not consider themselves to have Master Datas of adequate quality.

Product returns

In France, in 59% of all returns, products arrive damaged or faulty.
Knowing the chain of responsibility saves time in managing disputes.

Grey market

In 2021, 13% of goods were sold on markets other than those approved by their producers.

Track the Supply Chain with Olorin

Olorin empowers you to trace every product, pallet, and batch within your supply chain. These elements can be monitored in real time, allowing you to identify the specific batch managed by each intermediary.

The statistics gathered through this method facilitate in-depth analysis of your supply chain operations.

Quality and Responsibility

Every user involved in your supply chain possesses a dedicated Olorin account, easily accessible, even offline, through the Olorin web application

When one intermediary transfers their batch to the next, they automatically provide the subsequent intermediary with tokens representing batches and goods via the application. These tokens are accepted only if there are enough of them and they are in good condition. This process enables the identification of locations and events affecting batch quality and highlights logistical optimizations in the case of returns.

Beware of the Grey Market

With OLORIN PROTECT, each product is unique and traceable. Coupled with Olorin’s supply chain tracking solution, you can discern which products, from specific batches, end up being sold in markets not intended or authorized for these products.

OLORIN PROTECT also allows you to deactivate the authentication of these products for users and report them, aiming to safeguard these collections against counterfeiting and the grey market.