Doubts about authenticity :

33% of European consumers have had a doubt in the last 12 months about the authenticity of a product purchased online

6,7 billion

failed sales due to counterfeiting each year

5.65 million products seized

by French customs on average each year


In the luxury goods market, more than in any other, today’s customers want to know the precise origin and composition of the product they are buying.
With OLORIN, you can transparently display this information to your customers through a simple scan, including:

  • Product description
  • Provenance
  • Ecological impact
  • Composition

Our technology, OLORIN PROTECT, enables modification of the traceability page even after purchase, allowing for the addition of details or real-time updates on the path taken by the product.


Mastering the second-hand market allows for obtaining unprecedented insights into products, consumer habits, and the ownership history of products by a buyer, among other things.

Our product, OLORIN Protect, utilizes a Digital Certificate to trace product ownership. At the time of sale, to authenticate the product, the seller can provide the Digital Certificate upon the buyer’s request.

This transfer of ownership provides multiple advantages: the brand gains knowledge of the price, date, and even the location of the sale; the brand expands its customer database; and the second buyer is assured of purchasing an authentic product.


OLORIN Protect safeguards your items through a unique, ultra-secure authentication system. This service enables you to have an individual page on our site for each of your items and acquire a distinctive QR Code for certification, assuring customers of their authenticity. It also allows for tracking the geographical location and price of your items worldwide.

The process is user-friendly for consumers as well. Upon scanning the QR Code, they are redirected to a page indicating the authenticity of the product. This page is fully customizable and can be utilized for setting up marketing and loyalty campaigns, among other things.